Radius 1000

GP Radius 1000.png

RADIUS is an extruded multiwall polycarbonate panel produced already curved, with a 5-walls structure and a uniform thickness of 20 mm throughout the arch. Its special shape, OBTAINED DURING THE EXTRUSION PROCESS, allows it to have a particularly strong structure. These features make GP RADIUS a unique system, ensuring:

  • High load resistance

  • Good thermal insulation (uniform throughout the arch)

  • No limits due to thermal expansion movements because there isn’t any fixing screw passing through polycarbonate

  • Possibility of extruding the sheet in one element, ensuring perfect air/water-tightness

  • A uniform surface throughout the length of the skylight, without the typical interruption of modular systems or aluminium profiles used with multiwall sheets

GP RADIUS is UV-protected thanks to the coextrusion applied to the outside surface that makes the product resistant to weather, accidental shocks, temperature fluctuations and hail. This innovative system allows a faster installation if compared with the classic solutions used today.

The fixing of the GP RADIUS is achieved through two metal profiles that allow the thermal expansion of the panel without causing breakage or infiltration. The bottom of the profile is screwed onto the concrete curb or on the metal structure of the sandwich panel so that the panel can be put in place. The upper part of the profile is then secured to the bottom without any drilling of the GP RADIUS panels. Aluminum joining profiles (required for particularly long skylights) and final heads complete the system.