Modular PC system for roofing

REVERSE innovative modular polycarbonate system

REVERS  is an innovative modular polycarbonate system that allows the realization of roofs and vertical walls thanks to joining profile connecting the panels to each other.

These joining profiles can be made of polycarbonate, to achieve maximum transparency of the solution without visible visual interruption, or aluminum, to ensure greater load resistance.

The interlocking joning system between the panel and the profile, without any fixing through the polycarbonate, allows also:

  • to reduce the typical noise of polycarbonate systems when elements expad / shrink due to temperature variations

  • install solutions with considerable lengths of panels without risk of breakage at the fixing points

The ends of the panels are sealed with aluminium adhesive tape or thermo sealed (max 16 mm thickness).

The different joining profiles required for the installation that panels are respectively:

  • with teeth upwards with polycarbonate joining profile installed outside

  • with teeth downwards with aluminium joining profile installed inside

A complete range of accessories makes it possible to create aesthetically pleasing solutions.

All panels of REVERS 600 range are produced with standard two UV protected sides while panels of REVERS 1000 range are produced with standard one UV protected side (on request also this one can have two UV protected sides).