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PolyWorld Systems SRL, a leading company in the field of polycarbonate extrusion, represents the perfect synthesis between twenty years of experience and the ability to meet the continuous challenges of innovation, of sustainability, of diversity and inclusion, of large-scale partnerships: the new contents of company policy and marketing strategies, a staff of talented people and constant attention to "customer well-being", allow us to identify the most suitable solution to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Thus, our polycarbonate systems represent the result of continuous research, resulting excellent in luminosity and durability, suitable for external walls, roofs, false ceilings, internal partition walls and for certainly usage in greenhouses, industrial sheds, sports centers, shopping centers.

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With 30 years experience in polycarbonate extrusion, we are proud our panels are produced with the Italian Quality that distiguishes the "Made in Italy" products from others. We aim to a World Class Service and Quality for our Customers' base

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Send your projects and share your ideas with our technical office at technical@polyworldsys.com


RESOURCES - Our commitment begins with procurement and develops along the production chain to ensure sustainable use of natural resources and raw materials and ensure the traceability of our products.

PRODUCTION - We take the utmost care at every stage of the production and distribution of our products, with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and creating quality products through certified processes.


Being a trusted partner for our Customers base, supporting and accompany them in their economical growth and in the achievement of their business goals