Polycarbonate Panels

  • polyword polycarbonate panels covertech


    Covertech-coverroof panels are designed to facilitate the installation of skylights into the most common insulated panels on the market. The different thicknesses available make the system adaptable to most panel thicknesses, providing good thermal insulation and light transmission [...]
  • polyword polycarbonate panels greca


    Greca are polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets with an honeycomb structure and a cover width of 1000 mm. Sheets have been developed for lateral overlaps to most insulated panels and / or corrugated metal sheets available on the market [...]
  • polyword polycarbonate panels light


    This product is extremely adaptable because it can used in in industrial applications or in building & contruction in the middle of the roof, in ridge to gutter applications and/or in side overlap with most metal corrugated sheets or sandwich panels currently available on the market. […]
  • polyword polycarbonate panels onda


    Onda are polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets extruded following the European standard 177/51. The possibility to produce sheets in different widths allows various overlapping solutions to solve the many issues regarding industrial roofing [...]