Fabrication Services

At our production site, we carry out a wide range of fabrication services. These pluses are real options that allow us to customize the final product, adapting it to the Customer’s needs and implementing the desired technological level. Specifically, we can tape, curve and heat-weld the various types of Polycarbonate sheets.


Taping, i.e. sealing with aluminum tape, allows the Polycarbonate product to maintain the typical Polycarbonate transparency over time; Indeed, it prevents the dust and dirt infiltration into the alveoli of the slabs, which helps to promote ventilation inside the chambers so that water, which transmigrate due to hygroscopicity, can easily evaporate. The aluminum taping is rot-proof but must be protected by the erosive action of chaotic stormwater run-off by means of a finishing profile. We also propose the use of breathable aluminum tapes that, through a non-woven fabric filter, retain the dust and allow a slight ventilation; this solution is particularly suitable for humid environments.


In order to seal Polycarbonate multiwall sheets, in addition to taping, the cleanliness of the alveoli can be ensured by means of heat sealing, whereby the open alveoli are sealed through the heat, i.e. thermo-welded. This finish limits the entry of dust and dirt into the cavities but does not guarantee perfect watertightness seal and does not prevent condensation from forming inside the chambers. The possible formation of condensation stains inside the cells is a phenomenon related to the hygroscopic properties of the material and to the particular climatic conditions (internal temperature, external temperature, relative humidity) that cannot be avoided a priori. However, this phenomenon will disappear as the climatic conditions stabilize and does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the sheets.


Thermoforming is one of the most widely used methods for processing plastics because it is more precise and durable than the common cold bending method and is also more suitable for higher thicknesses. Thanks to such a method, the material is heated to the desired shape and does not return to its original shape when cooled. Polycarbonate sheets are easily thermoformed, and the use of this process allows sheets to be produced for a wide range of applications. Our processing techniques allow us to produce sheets with a radius of 3500mm or 6000mm and to maintain constant thickness uniformity, as well as technical and aesthetic characteristics at all stages of processing and for each individual piece produced.


Corner cutting, which is performed exclusively for our onda-shaped hollow core sheets in the various thicknesses, is fundamental for the installation of this type of sheet. In fact, it allows for a correct overlap between the sheets, guaranteeing a rule of art installation and eliminating the problems of overlapping typical of honeycomb sheets with a onda section. This is a very special process, which consists in removing two portions of the same size from two of the four corners of the sheet; in particular, two portions of the sheet are removed from two opposite corners, chosen not at random but according to the laying sequence that the installer will follow on site. For the processing the same thermo-welding machinery is used, but with special blades for this process; specifically, a thermo-weld is made in correspondence with the portion of sheet to be eliminated, so that after thermo-welding the portion of sheet is eliminated using a cutter. This procedure allows the same degree of protection from dirt and water infiltration as with thermo-welding to be maintained; furthermore, cutting with this procedure avoids having to clean out the sheet cavities, which would be necessary if the cut were made with a circular saw.