Quality Management System


PolyWorld Systems, in line with a sustainable development policy, places the development of people and the satisfaction of all Stakeholders as fundamental values.

To pursue its OBJECTIVES, the Management of PolyWorld Systems has established the following PRINCIPLES AND COMMITMENTS:

  • The proactive involvement of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for continuous improvement.
  • The skills and characteristics of each of the resources are enhanced, ensuring their development through professional growth plans.
  • All applicable requirements are complied with, including existing provisions.
  • Safety in the workplace is guaranteed by preventing risks to the health and safety of workers.
  • Each Manager has the task of coordinating their collaborators by promoting ideas and proposals and addressing them towards continuous improvement.
  • All personnel must demonstrate dynamism, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to market demands.
  • Best practices, lessons, and experiences must be shared and disseminated at all levels.
  • Qualified suppliers are used and involved in the improvement programme, as they are a link in the production chain.
  • Responsibilities are defined at all levels, verifying that they have been understood, making sure that everyone is aware of their role.
  • The customer is a top priority, so that their degree of satisfaction exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the resolution of potential non-conformities are ensured.
  • All resources commit themselves to the constant dissemination of information, both horizontally and vertically.

The Improvement Plan, in all its phases, represents a priority element, all resources must demonstrate a constant personal commitment in supporting its application and assessing its performance.

All PolyWorld Systems’ personnel have the task of monitoring and periodically ensuring that the principles, commitments, and objectives indicated above are disseminated, shared, and respected.

The Quality Management System is the tool to effectively implement such involvement and contribute to continuous improvement.

22 June 2020

Our certifications

PolyWorld Systems has met the challenge of global competition in every respect, focusing on sustainability and technological and process innovation. This is to ensure that its customers receive the highest quality and the best services, the hallmarks of a true “trusted partner”.

The formation of a collaborative and competent team, scrupulous attention to customer requirements, a lean and functional supply chain and, finally, an innovative production process are the factors on which PolyWorld Systems focuses its attention in order to meet all customer expectations.

PolyWorld Systems is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees an efficient and transparent quality management system, contributing to the continuous and constant improvement of the company.