Work with us

PolyWorld Systems has always taken up the challenge of a change aimed at favoring a sense of responsibility and transparency, large-scale partnerships, innovation and sustainability.
We have created innovative products and services and improved relations with customers, partners, collaborators and the public, focusing its attention on “customers well-being” as a distinctive trait.

PolyWorld Systems bases its values upon the following:

  • Transparency, and therefore honesty and integrity, in action and judgement.
  • Responsibility, to celebrate successes by learning to recognise possible mistakes.
  • Meritocracy, as talented people who are eager to grow represent the heart of PolyWorld Systems SRL.
  • Innovation, our trump card! Choosing the Ask-Think-Do-Repeat model has made us a trusted partner for our Customers.
  • Diversity and inclusion, to stimulate a greater level of collaboration and innovation leading to better economic performances.
  • Sustainability as a peculiarity of our mission and commitment to provide Green Products (GP).

PolyWorld Systems offer to its employees an exciting journey throughout their day, every day!
As said, PolyWorld Systems is a place that encourages diversity & inclusion, based on an equal employment opportunity, giving all the space you need to speak, to push boundaries, to be active, to be curios by asking the “tough questions”. We know that this cannot be other than a win-win situation: we are happy, you are happy! And the good news is that this is our standard…

Our people

Our customers know that coming to us they get what they need. It’s just a matter of trust, as our team is here to deliver the best extruded polycarbonate: “we are” the intelligence in the Polycarbonate extrusion!

Honesty, commitment and integrity is where our reputation stands. To deliver the best, we hire the best. “We are” the intelligence in the Polycarbonate extrusion because we create and solve the toughest challenges.

We’ve learned that listening from our customers is the only way to be the best, and we’ve learned that pushing for excellence is paying off every single day. That’s how we earned the trust from all our customers!

Our growth

How to exceed our customer’s expectations? As we said, pushing the edge every day!

So, the idea came through: why not apply the same to our employees? And we did it! We gave them the freedom to push the boundaries, to dream and “think big”. We are not afraid to make mistakes: indeed, we learn from our mistakes, and we invest in training, which are the only ways to growth! And doing this way, we do grow together!

We do not want you to follow the herd: we want you to make the difference!
Ride your career in PolyWorld Systems!