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What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic resin produced by polymerization of Bisphenol A, with general formula

characterized by an amorphous structure and transparent to light.
Polycarbonates are used in the most varied fields of application:

  • in construction, instead of glass, as a solid sheet or honeycomb sheet.
  • in the optics for the lenses of the glasses, in the lenses of the cameras
  • as a medium for optical recording of digital information: CD, DVD, Blu-ray
  • in electronics, as an insulator for high-capacity capacitors and high working voltage, in the assembly of mobile phones, cell phones, smartphones, as a fundamental component of the external casing, not subject to deterioration due to falling, abrasion, etc.;
  • in the transport sector, for helmets and light covers.

Energy Saving and Sustainability

With the use of multi-wall panels and sheets, it is possible to maximize the benefits of natural resources such as lighting and solar radiation, with a consequent reduction in air conditioning and heating costs.

There are also advantages in terms of living comfort and minimization of the greenhouse effect.
All polycarbonate products are 100% recyclable.

Our products allow you to build buildings that comply with the latest regulations for thermal insulation and energy saving.

Material and Engineering

Does polycarbonate turn yellow?

In products for industrial use and construction, to prevent the polycarbonate from yellowing, it is used to protect it with a PC-based coextrusion layer loaded with high concentrations of UV filters (such as those used in sunscreens) that prevent the sun’s rays from entering the structure of the PC and break the bonds of molecules.

Too evident yellowing is above all an indication of reduced mechanical properties.
All our products have a limited guarantee valid for 10 years against yellowing and / or loss of strength (ask our sales offices for a details)

What is the difference between honeycomb sheets and polycarbonate systems?

The honeycomb sheets cannot be mounted without the use of H profiles in both polycarbonate and aluminum. This is because they are not designed to mate with each other, while the “systems” have a specific design that allows them to mate naturally (eg male and female systems).

Furthermore, the substantial difference is that the polycarbonate systems are formed by a set of profiles; Polycarbonate panels; union accessories; gaskets designed to cooperate in a final result of ease of assembly and technical specifications.

How to

What can I use to clean polycarbonate sheets or systems?

Polycarbonate is sensitive to alkalis and scratches so to wash it in case of need, use a soft, clean cloth and cold water. Beware of too aggressive detergents. After washing the polycarbonate is always good rinse with plenty of water.

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