Company Management

Giuseppe Prestigiovanni

CEO, CCO & PARTNER PolyWorld Systems SRL

Giuseppe Prestigiovanni, born in Acireale (Catania, Italy) in 1962, he attended school in Sicily, then moved to Milan where he studied at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan where he was graduated in 1989 in Electronic Engineering. In 1990 he successfully passed exam to enroll into the National Council of the Order of Engineers. Subsequently, he got a master's degree in Business Administration. Since his first steps, he has worked with leading companies in the Information Technology sector. Among the different roles of Sales & Marketing he was responsible for, he has taught at the same time at the ``Train the trainer``. After spending a few years in software development, from 1996 to 2000 he moved to the UK to pursue a sales career in a large American worldwide company, where he managed to achieve excellent results, especially among the major Telecommunications operators in Europe. After the first year, he was asked to start a managerial career moving more and more to higher roles with increasing responsibilities, coordinating large teams throughout Europe and around the world, and subsequently even with growing responsibilities in the P&L. After a few years, he decided to accept the challenge of abandoning the IT / SW / Telco business and moving into the manufacturing Plastics & Polymers market, a decidedly different market. He has hence began working for large multinational manufacturing companies in the plastic sector, achieving incredible results. For this reason, it has continued to grow professionally and today holds the position of CEO in POLYWORLD SYSTEMS SRL as well as CEO & PRESIDENT in POLYWORLD SYSTEMS NORTH AMERICA, with the task of bringing the company onto the international scene.

Manuela Fontana

Finance & Administration

Stefania Luppino

Legal & Compliance Officer

Franco Bonacci

Plant Manager