Extrusion Profiles U & H

Functional Polycarbonate profiles

Functional Polycarbonate profiles, also known as H and U profiles due to their shape, are used to join and close the edge of multiwall and/or solid sheets. Because of their application, they are produced using a special process enables the implementation of a mass co-extrusion layer, which delays the typical yellowing of Polycarbonate, guaranteeing a total protection of the entire profile and not just the side facing outwards

  • The “U” Polycarbonate profiles protect the sheets by the erosive action of chaotic stormwater run-off improving their durability. They do not replace the aluminum taping along the edges of Polycarbonate sheets with open cavities exposed to the weather.
  • The “H” Polycarbonate profiles are only used to join two sheets of the same thickness, compact and/or multiwall. The use of these profiles on the roof does not guarantee watertightness, nor can they be considered as load-bearing elements.
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"H" Polycarbonate profiles

A* B C D
H 4mm 58.5 64 6.7 4,8
H 6mm 58.5 64 8.5 6,8
H 8mm 58.5 64 11,4 8,8
H 10mm 58.5 64 13 10.8
H 16mm 62.5 76 19 17.4

Dimensional tolerances +/- 5%

UV protected side *

"U" Polycarbonate profiles

A* B* C* D
U 4mm 16 11.5 7 4.7
U 6mm 16 11.5 9 6.7
U 8mm 17 16 11.3 8.8
U 10mm 17 16 13.3 10.8
U 16mm 26 22 19.5 16.9

Dimensional tolerances +/- 5%

UV protected side *

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