Our products range is made of extruded polycarbonate panels that allow to cover a wide range of applications and represents the perfect synthesis of the thirty years experience in the extrusion field of PolyWorld Systems and the know-how in the building products of its staff, grown up in thirty years of activity in the field.

All products are the result of continuous researches and improvements over time for a constantly evolving market, collaborating with our partners and developing together the solutions that best suit the applications you require.

Corrugated and Flat sheets
in solid PC


Multiwall 2.5mm trapez & wave


Self-supporting curved panel in PC for skylights

Radius 1000

Modular system for veils and countertops

Multiwall panels for industrial roofing

Modular system for windows and facades

Self-supporting system for
roofing and façades

Modular PC system
for roofing & façades


Trapez multiwall panel

Wave multiwall panels

Multiwall & Solid  Sheets


U&H profiles for Sheets

Domes & Skylights